Harry’s Marketing Toolkit (+ Bonuses)

Harry’s Marketing Toolkit (+ Bonuses)

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Thanks for checking out our Harry’s marketing toolkit.

It’s our hope each strategy will inspire you to optimize your own so you can increase your conversions across many areas of your business (including referrals, revenue, and more).

To access each image, click the appropriate link below (each image opens in a new tab).


Harry’s Facebook Ads

  1. Ad #1: Positioning
  2. Ad #2: Objection Handling
  3. Ad #3: Damage Mitigation

Harry’s Landing Pages

  1. “Try The Shaving Company That’s Fixing Shaving"
  2. Gillette Vs. Harry’s
  3. Dollar Shave Club Vs. Harry’s

The CPS Method: A.K.A Harry’s Sales Emails

  1. Email #1: Cart Recovery (With a Twist)
  2. Email #2: Product Promotion
  3. Email #3: Stealth Promotion

Bonus: Use Customer Support to Build a Hyper-Targeted List of Red Hot Prospects

While researching for this article, I tried to buy a Harry’s razor.

But I encountered a problem:

I couldn’t change the country from America to Sweden.

So, I emailed customer support asking for help (excuse the typo):

After a day, I got a thoughtful reply from Eddie:

I felt disappointed. “No Harry’s razor for me," I thought. But then I noticed something. A very subtle marketing tactic, hidden in the email…

Did you see it?

Here’s a closer look:

Unlike other companies that apologize in order to brush you off, Harry’s create email segments for eager buyers by region.

And it makes perfect sense:

I’m a red hot prospect who’s eager to buy. Why would they apologize and send me on my way?

The takeaway?

Just because you can’t help a prospect today doesn’t mean you can’t help them ever. Have downsells for customers who can’t afford your product. As for shipping, follow Harry’s rulebook and create a segmented list by region if and when you’re ready to ship worldwide.